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Cellar Conversions Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Cellar & Basement Conversions provide precious additional living space without altering the exterior of your home.

Cellar & Basement Conversions Sowerby Bridge

Are you looking for a cellar or basement conversion from a reputable company operating in Sowerby Bridge? With our 10-year guarantee on all basement work as standard, you can be confident of a superb finish every time.

Converting a cellar can provide precious additional living space without altering the exterior of your home. One thing many people would like in their homes is more space.

Homeowners are often looking for ways to increase this to find this by converting and extending their basement/cellar to create usable rooms below. However, unlike loft space which is often used for bedrooms and bathrooms, a basement has more flexibility as it is located so close to the main living areas.

A cellar can be used for multiple rooms, whether a games room, nursery, additional living room, office or very popular nowadays the family cinema room.

Cellar Conversions Sowerby Bridge

Cellar Planning Permission Sowerby Bridge

Converting an existing cellar beneath your home from a simple storage area to a liveable area only involves a ‘change of use’ so does not need planning permission. If you are reducing the level of the floor in a cellar to improve the ceiling height this may need planning permission as it would be treated as an extension due to enlarging the overall volume of the property. If you are uncertain and need further advice we recommend you follow this link to the government site. Planning policy on basements does vary but it is highly unlikely to get refused particularly if the work does not significantly change the building’s exterior.

Cellar Conversion Sowerby Bridge

Add more space to your home by converting your cellar

Using only the best materials and products available, coupled with our years of experience and friendly team, we’ll take care of the whole package, from the initial design to those final details, leaving you to relax and enjoy your new space.

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10 year warranty

Excellent Cellar Conversion in West Yorkshire

“Justin and his amazing team have just recently completed a massive cellar conversion for me. I am so pleased with the end result and cannot thank him enough. Justin and his team worked tirelessly what a professional company. Justin was so helpful in every aspect of the project. He helped me choose the items for the ensuite and was always conscious of helping me save on cost. He even measured up and helped decide what type of furniture would fit in the space he had created. Nothing is too much trouble for him. At the end of every day, the workmen even sweep up the inevitable dust created in my house. Just goes to show how much he cares about you. Justin’s company was an amazing find and cannot recommend him enough. Thank you to Justin and your dedicated loyal team!”

Joanne Spence

Cellar Conversion - Halifax, West Yorkshire

Cellar Conversion FAQs

Why would you want to convert your cellar?

With the high cost of moving and the rise in house prices, more people are extending their properties rather than moving. We find that many people looking for a cellar conversion are growing families that do not want to leave a particular area due to schools, local amenities, & friends etc. Many of their properties have already been extended to the maximum above ground, so a basement/cellar conversion is a perfect choice to provide them with all the room they desire without moving.

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How much head height can I achieve?

We suggest a minimum of 1.98 m or above for head height. As for how high, there is no true maximum, although we suggest the height is proportional to the width; otherwise, it can feel restricted. The Conversion will need building regulations to be a habitable room.

Do you require Cellar Planning Permission in West Yorkshire?

Converting an existing cellar beneath your home from a simple storage area to a liveable area simply entails meeting the build regulations required and, therefore, does not need planning permission.

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Is it essential to have an existing cellar to be able to construct one?

The construction of a cellar does not necessarily hinge on the existence of a pre-existing cellar within a property. While retrofitting an existing cellar is a common approach, constructing a new cellar is entirely feasible and often depends on the specific requirements and circumstances of the property. Factors such as soil conditions, structural considerations, and local building regulations play a significant role in determining the viability of constructing a cellar.
In cases where a property lacks an existing cellar, constructing one involves excavation beneath the ground level to create a new underground space. This process, known as basement construction, typically requires specialised engineering expertise and adherence to stringent building regulations. If you are interested in adding a cellar to your property you should consult with qualified professionals who can assess the feasibility of such a project, considering aspects like soil stability, water table levels, and potential impact on neighbouring structures.

Can you push my cellar further than my house's footprint?

Expanding a cellar beyond the footprint of the existing house is a complex undertaking that requires careful consideration of structural engineering and local building regulations. While it is technically possible to extend a cellar further than the house’s footprint, this type of project introduces additional challenges. The extension may involve excavation beyond the existing foundation, necessitating extensive structural modifications to ensure stability and prevent subsidence issues.
Local planning authorities typically regulate the extent to which a property can be expanded, and obtaining necessary permissions is paramount. In many cases, pushing a cellar beyond the house’s footprint may trigger planning permission requirements, and adherence to these regulations is essential to avoid legal complications.

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Is it possible to convert a cellar on more than one level?

Converting a cellar into multiple levels is indeed a feasible and innovative approach to maximising the available space beneath a property. This multi-level cellar conversion can involve creating distinct zones for various purposes, such as living spaces, recreational areas, or storage. However, it’s important to note that this undertaking requires careful planning and execution, involving considerations such as structural integrity, proper ventilation, and compliance with building regulations.
Undertaking multiple-level conversions depends on the structural capacity of the existing foundation and the soil conditions surrounding the property. Professional structural engineers and architects play a pivotal role in assessing the property’s capability to support multi-level conversions. Additionally, obtaining the necessary building permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations is crucial.

Do I need a party wall agreement?

In West Yorkshire, the necessity for a party wall agreement in the context of a cellar conversion depends on the specific circumstances surrounding the property and its proximity to neighbouring structures. A party wall agreement is typically required when the proposed construction work involves alterations to a shared wall between two properties or when the new cellar construction might impact an adjacent property’s foundation or party wall. If the property is a semi-detached or terraced house, it is common for cellar conversions to necessitate such an agreement due to the shared walls.
Securing a party wall agreement involves notifying adjoining property owners about the intended construction work, outlining the nature of the project, and addressing any potential concerns they may have. The agreement serves to establish the rights and responsibilities of both parties and ensures that the construction is carried out in compliance with relevant regulations.

How much would it cost to convert my cellar?

The cost of converting a cellar varies all depending on your requests and its requirements. Our quote will include all aspects of the conversion and will be detailed and agreed upon in your formal quote.