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As condensation is the most common form of damp within the home it is important to know how to spot  the signs of a potential problem and do what we can to prevent it spreading. The key signs of a condensation problem are;

  • Furniture and clothing smelling musty.
  • Black patches of mildew.
  • Visible droplets of water on affected surfaces.
  • Wallpaper becoming loose from the wall.

If you are worried that your property may be suffering from condensation damp it is important to act quickly and contact us for expert advice.  Condensation can escalate and if left untreated is not only unsightly it can cause serious damage to your home and even possibly your health. Damp can cause mold to grow on walls and furniture and can be particularly problematic to wooden window frames causing them to rot.

Modern homes in particular suffer from problems with condensation as although they are built to keep out moisture they do not ‘breathe’ as well as older homes. The main cause of condensation is poor ventilation but there are ways you can prevent condensation developing in your home:

  • Dry clothes in a well ventilated room.
  • Open windows and try to ventilate the bathroom after you shower/bathe.
  • When you have visitors ensure you hang up and wet coats or umbrellas outside to air dry.
  • Keep furniture a few inches away from the wall to help air circulate around the room.
  • Get a dehumidifier
  • Ensure your home is sufficiently insulated and draught proof.

If you find mold on your walls or ceiling you should firstly try to clean it off with a spray containing bleach and a little elbow grease. If this still leaves a stain, leave to dry overnight and then treat the area with an anti-fungal wash. You may also want to try an anti-mold paint post treatment if you need to cover any stains or damage.

You may need to consider a more long-term solution to a condensation problem such a PAM Whole House Ventilation system fitted by JRM Cellar Conversions. This is a single fan unit fitted in the roof which uses air displacement to ventilate the whole house. The fan runs continuously improving air quality and helping to prevent condensation problems within your home

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